Sheep and lamb marketing

Planning the marketing of your sheep and lambs is key to running a successful sheep enterprise. Agriculture Victoria has developed an online workshop to help farmers make good marketing plans called the Lamb Marketing Masterclass.

The masterclass includes:

  • a four-part webinar series, including recordings
  • a lamb marketing online workshop for self-paced learning
  • resources to help build your own marketing plan.

Lamb marketing masterclass webinar recordings

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Guest presenter: Tim Leeming

'Know your business' explores setting business goals, understanding the pros and cons of different marketing options and will provide first-hand insights from leading farmer Tim Leeming.

Guest presenter: Edwina Toohey

'Know your customer' drills into who our customers are and what they really want. Industry insider Edwina Toohey takes us behind the scenes of the meat industry to examine what’s important for our customers and how new technology can help us get there.

Guest presenter: Elke Hocking

'Know your product' takes the marketing story back to the farm, with advisor and farmer Elke Hocking.

Learn how on-farm practices, including animal health and management, influence marketing, quality and consistency, and how to take action and make on farm improvements based on your carcase feedback.

Guest presenter: Tom Bull

'Know your value chain' ties it all together with future-focused Tom Bull, founder of Lambpro, and Agriculture Victoria’s own Kirstie Anderson.

Tom and Kirstie look to the future to explore opportunities to create value along the chain and discover how information will be the key to lamb marketing success.

Lamb marketing online workshop

A lamb marketing eLearn program is currently being developed, to support farmers to build tailored marketing plans. We are looking for participants to pilot the eLearn.

To register for the pilot activity, email

The pilot period will close 31 January 2021.

Page last updated: 31 Jul 2023