Cat management initiatives

Cats play an important role in many people’s lives as cherished pets and family members. There are over 227,000 registered cats across Victoria, with many more unregistered, unowned or feral cats in our urban and natural environments.

Managing this population is a complex challenge, impacting cat welfare, native wildlife, and the operational demands on councils, shelters, pounds, and animal care groups.

In response, the Victorian Government has allocated a $1.3 million investment in the 2022—23 State Budget to address cat management issues. This funding will support three key initiatives:

Long-term cat management strategy

The development of a comprehensive, 10-year, integrated and coordinated strategy to address immediate and long-term challenges and establish a sustainable framework for cat management that will benefit cat welfare, wildlife, and the community.

Education campaign on responsible cat ownership

An educational campaign designed to promote responsible cat ownership and encourage widespread adoption of cat containment practices. The aim is to foster a culture of understanding and responsibility within the community.

Targeted cat desexing grant program

Investment in grants to facilitate targeted cat desexing programs at the local level. This proactive approach aims to reduce cat overpopulation and focus on semi-owned and unowned cats.

The initiatives seek to improve cat welfare, promote responsible cat ownership, reduce cat overpopulation and improve knowledge sharing among stakeholders involved in cat management.

Page last updated: 01 Mar 2024