Licence application, variation and renewal forms

Licences related to the use of animals in research and teaching include:

  • Scientific Procedures Premises Licence
  • Scientific Procedures Premises Licence (School)
  • Scientific Procedures Fieldwork Licence
  • Specified Animals Breeding Licence.

To apply for a new licence, or vary or renew an existing licence, please contact for the relevant form.

Fieldwork notification form

This form must be submitted prior to fieldwork commencing under a Scientific Procedures Fieldwork Licence (SPFL) that utilises an interstate Animal Ethics Committee (AEC).

The completed form can be emailed to

Note that if work is conducted under a SPFL with a Victorian AEC, or a Scientific Procedures Premises Licence (SPPL), submission of a Fieldwork Notification is not required.

'Death as an end-point' procedures

A person seeking approval for death as an end-point scientific procedures should contact for the relevant application form.

The Guidance note – Death as an end-point scientific procedures provides important information on what constitutes a ‘death as an end-point’ scientific procedure and the application process.

Animal use return forms

Animal use returns must be completed and submitted to Animal Welfare Victoria by 31 March of each year for:

The annual return consists of 3 parts:

It is strongly recommended that you refer to the Animal return submission guideline to ensure correct completion of the return:

Page last updated: 03 Jun 2024