Licence application, variation and renewal forms

Licences related to the use of animals in research and teaching include:

  • Scientific Procedures Premises Licence
  • Scientific Procedures Premises Licence (School)
  • Scientific Procedures Fieldwork Licence
  • Specified Animals Breeding Licence.

To apply for a new licence, or vary or renew an existing licence, please contact for the relevant form.

Fieldwork notification form

This form is to notify Animal Welfare Victoria of scientific procedures conducted as fieldwork (where procedures are conducted at non-licensed premises):

'Death as an end-point' procedures

A person seeking approval for death as an end-point scientific procedures should contact for the relevant application form.

The Guidance note – Death as an end-point scientific procedures provides important information on what constitutes a ‘death as an end-point’ scientific procedure and the application process.

Animal use return forms

Animal use returns must be completed and submitted to Animal Welfare Victoria by 31 March of each year for:

The annual return consists of 3 parts:

It is strongly recommended that you refer to the Animal return submission guideline to ensure correct completion of the return:

Page last updated: 16 Mar 2023