Animal use statistics

Animal use reporting

In accordance with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulations 2019 (POCTA Regs), holders of Scientific Procedures Premises Licences (SPPL), Scientific Procedures Fieldwork Licences (SPFL), and Specified Animals Breeding Licences (SABL) are required to submit an annual return on their animal use.

The licence holder is responsible for submitting a complete and accurate return.


The annual returns consist of three parts which can be found in the Forms page.

Annual use statistics

Animal Welfare Victoria reports on the number of animals used for science each year in Victoria.

The annual statistics from the reports:

  • guide policy and compliance programs
  • inform the community about the nature and purpose of the animals used for science in Victoria.

Animal use for research and teaching in Victoria reports

2021 report

2020 report

2019 report

2018 report

2017 report

2016 report

2015 report

2014 report

2013 report

2012 report

To obtain hard copies of these reports or reports from earlier years, email:

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