Pets and smoke

Animal owners and carers are responsible for planning and providing for the needs of pets and horses in their care during emergencies.

Animals can be sensitive to smoke. It is best to keep your animals inside if possible when there is smoke in the air. Make sure your animals have access to water and food and are able to relieve themselves regularly.

Smoke inhalation in pets can be dangerous to their health. Signs of smoke inhalation may include inflammation to their airways, coughing, increased rate or difficulty in breathing. Should you think that your animals have been affected by the smoke, seek advice from your local vet.

Ash and soot from fires may impact your animals. They may try to groom themselves, but the ash and soot can be harmful. If your animals are affected, wash them as you normally would with mild detergents to remove anything covering their fur or feathers.

If you need to evacuate, take your pets with you. Note that relief centres may not have the capacity to accommodate animals.

See the pets and emergencies page for more information about looking after your pet in times of stress.

Page last updated: 29 Jan 2024