Responsible Dog Ownership Course

It's important to remember that all dog owners must take care of their dog to make sure their dog is not a risk or a nuisance to other members of the community.

The course covers 4 main topics with tests at the end:

  • Section 1 — Rights and responsibilities
  • Section 2 — Dog welfare and management
  • Section 3 — Dog behaviour
  • Section 4 — Dog training
  • Section 5 — Tests

Completion certificate and tests

To achieve a completion certificate, you must achieve a 90% pass grade in all tests that you enrol in.

Core test

Participants who fail to pass the core exam may take it a second time.

Supplementary tests

If you have a Restricted Breed or Declared Dangerous Dog, we recommend you complete the additional assessments and print your certificates.

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Page last updated: 30 Nov 2022