Farmed bird welfare science review

The department commissioned an independent, peer-reviewed Farmed Bird Welfare Science review:

It examines contemporary scientific evidence on the care, management and slaughter practices used in the farming of:

  • poultry
  • game birds
  • ratites (emus and ostriches).

The review was written by the University of Bristol, which is world-renowned for its work in farmed bird welfare. It was independently peer-reviewed by Australian and New Zealand animal welfare scientists.

The review draws on existing publicly available, peer reviewed studies. It refers to a number of international poultry studies, so not all findings are applicable to current Victorian poultry husbandry practices.

It does not make recommendations. Draft Australian Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Poultry are being developed, as part of a national process involving all Australian states and territories.

The review complements work already undertaken during the development of the draft standards and guidelines. The standards and guidelines development process will include a national public consultation stage.

More information on progress on the development of the national standards and guidelines, including the consultation process.

Page last updated: 13 Jul 2021