Livestock exporters NLIS requirements

Australia's access to live export markets relies on our trading partners having confidence that the livestock they are importing are:

  • healthy
  • disease-free
  • residue-free.

Australia is able to provide this assurance on the basis that the livestock selected for export are traceable throughout their life.

All livestock owners or businesses trading in livestock have these obligations under the Livestock Disease Control Act 1994 and Livestock Disease Control Regulations 2017.

Requirements for livestock exporters

Livestock exporters, including operators of a quarantine property or depot, must meet a number of requirements to support their industry and to work within the legislated requirements.

They include:

  • livestock identification
  • NLIS database transfers
  • movement declarations.

Specific requirements are outlined in the following documents:

List of Victorian port PICs for NLIS transfers

Victorian ports can be identified by the following property identification codes (PICs):

  • Port of Portland – 3PTAR001
  • Tullamarine Airport – 3PTAL003
  • Avalon Airport – 3PTAW007
  • Port of Geelong – 3PTAC006
  • Port of Melbourne – 3PTAF005
  • Gippsland Ports – 3PTAT008
Page last updated: 28 Dec 2023