BetterBeef Network

BetterBeef logoThe BetterBeef Network has been established for Victorian beef producers.

The state-wide network provides opportunities for beef producers to access the latest beef research messages and participate in courses that increase skills and knowledge.

The focus of the network is on increasing the profitability and sustainability of beef enterprises. Meat and Livestock Australia's More Beef from Pastures program is delivered in collaboration with the BetterBeef Network.

What we do

With a focus in increasing the sustainable profitability of beef enterprises, BetterBeef provides Victorian beef producers with access to activities including:

How we do it

BetterBeef groups conduct yearly planning sessions to agree on the topics that are addressed over the approaching 12 months.

The group coordinator is responsible for the delivery of the annual plan. Technical specialists and guest speakers may be utilised at the discretion of the group participants.

Topics of delivery within a BetterBeef group could include:

  • pasture growth
  • pasture utilisation
  • increasing beef production and maximising herd fertility
  • business management
  • benchmarking – financial or production
  • genetic improvement
  • meeting market specifications
  • marketing and risk management
  • animal health.

Group coordinators develop and deliver effective skill and knowledge development activities, communicate research and development information, challenge producers to trial new technologies and review and report the progress of their groups.


The BetterBeef Network commenced in July 2010 and has been developed to complement the sheep industry BESTWOOL/BESTLAMB program.


For more information on becoming a group member, please contact:

Name: Amanda Davis
Role: Meat & Wool Project Officer
Address: 1 Stratford Road, Maffra VIC 3860
Phone: 03 5147 0899
Mobile: 0407 947 580

Page last updated: 09 Sep 2021