Agriculture Victoria Planning and Advisory Service

What is the Agriculture Victoria Planning and Advisory Service?

The Advisory Service consists of a small team of advisors with specialist knowledge of Victorian agricultural farming systems and planning regulation to assist council planners and landholders to navigate the planning permit application process for agricultural developments.

The Advisory Service provides advice on agriculture land use planning for developments across major agricultural sectors including pigs, goats, dairy (cattle, sheep, goat and camel), feedlots (cattle, sheep and goat), poultry (meat, eggs and hatchery), horticulture and grains. It can also provide advice on related land uses, including rural industry and rural workers accommodation.

The service provides independent and trusted advice to council planners and agricultural landholders on planning rules and requirements for the establishment of a new agricultural development or expansion of an existing agricultural business.

It understands the on-farm planning challenge faced by agricultural landholders including small-scale production through to large commercial operations.

What assistance can the Advisory Service provide council planners?

Assistance for council planners includes:

  • Participating in pre-application meetings with landholders and planning authorities to guide them on agriculture land use planning requirements.
  • Undertaking technical review of agriculture land use planning applications received via Section 52 Notice from councils.
  • Assessing planning applications against relevant legislation and providing written independent advice back to Councils to assist in their decision making.
  • Providing support to build the agricultural expertise of planners via agriculture sector updates and eGuides.
  • Linking specific sector proposals to relevant state and national guidance to aid assessment and decision making.
  • Rural land use strategy advice.

What assistance can the Advisory Service provide agricultural landholders?

Assistance for agricultural landholders includes:

  • Linking to their council planning department and participating in pre-application meetings with council and other planning authorities to guide them on agriculture land use planning requirements.
  • Linking to state and national guidance and planning information relevant to their proposal.
  • Providing information on how to consider environmental and amenity requirements in planning applications.
  • Providing access to farming systems information and experience via Agriculture Victoria’s extensive state-wide network.
  • Linking to information and online tools, including eGuides and Agriculture Victoria’s Navigating Farm Developments online planning tool.

Where do I begin?

  • Before commencing any use and development, it is advised to contact your local council planning department to discuss what permissions may be required as part of your proposal.
  • You can find your local council on the Vic Councils website.

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Page last updated: 02 Nov 2023