Scientific Procedures Fieldwork Licence

Scientific fieldwork

A Scientific Procedures Fieldwork Licence authorises the use of premises or locations that are not ordinarily used for scientific procedures.

Examples might include:

  • use of production animals on farms
  • a clinical trial of a new veterinary treatment at a veterinary hospital
  • use of non-captive animals in the wild.

Procedures, personnel and location(s) must be approved by the nominated Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) and standards appropriate to the level of use must be maintained.

Licence holders nominating an AEC based outside Victoria must notify Animal Welfare Victoria of fieldwork projects before they commence.

The licence nominee

This is the individual nominated by the applicant or licence holder to be responsible for procedures under a Scientific Procedures Fieldwork Licence. The nominee is also responsible for ensuring all facilities and equipment are clean, safe for animals and in good repair.

The licence nominee is the first point of contact for Animal Welfare Victoria as the licensing authority, and will be corresponded with on all matters relating to the licence, such as:

  • breaches of licence conditions
  • licence audits
  • reporting of animal use
  • Animal Ethics Committee composition and conduct.

If the licence applicant is a natural person they must nominate themselves for this role. All nominees must have suitable authority to execute their obligations.


Breeding of specified animals is not authorised under a Scientific Procedures Fieldwork Licence.

Other licence conditions

All practices carried out under the licence must be in compliance with the:

Full details of the Scientific Procedures Fieldwork Licence conditions may be found in the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulations 2019.  These conditions will also be listed on the licence.

Extensive penalties are provided for under the POCTA Act for breaches of licence conditions.

Download the Victorian Code of Practice:


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Page last updated: 16 Mar 2023