Managing effluent overview

In the past, dairy effluent hasn't been valued. However with continuing research and a far better understanding of effluent management the industry focus has shifted away from a waste mentality to a resource utilisation approach.

Today there is a far greater awareness of the importance of effluent management from both an environmental protection perspective and the industry's marketability.

The dairy industry must continue to strive for a 'clean and green' image by adopting current best management practices and adapting to change.

Responsibilities of farmers

Ensuring a viable future for the Victorian dairy industry means producing milk in a sustainable, lawful and safe way. Dairy producers have a legal responsibility to contain all dairy effluent within their farm boundaries.

Further information

For further information on effluent management please contact a dairy extension officer from your nearest Agriculture Victoria office:

Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has information and guidelines about potential risks to the environment and how to prevent water pollution from your business.

Page last updated: 15 May 2024