Future Drought Fund

Drought is likely to occur more often and for longer due to climate change. Farm businesses and their regional communities need to better prepare and plan for dry seasonal conditions.

In 2020 the Australian Government established the Future Drought Fund with $100 million a year to be provided to support farmers across the nation prepare for drought.

In this first year the Victorian Government is partnering with the Australian Government to deliver two pilot programs, the Farm Business Resilience Program and the Regional Drought Resilience Planning Program. Details of these programs are described below.

Farm Business Resilience Program

The Farm Business Resilience program is designed to connect farmers with experts and one-on-one professional business advisors. This will improve their resilience, self-reliance and viability in the face of challenges, like drought and climate change.

In the pilot program farmers from the grains, red meat, dairy sector, as well as all young farmers, will develop or refresh a business plan. They will learn from peers and experienced experts in group settings and one-to-one to also build on their strategic management skills.

Dairy Australia will collaborate with Agriculture Victoria to modify their existing program called Our Farm, Our Plan to deliver the dairy component of the pilot program.

Regional Drought Resilience Planning Program

The Regional Drought Resilience Planning Program is designed to improve regional drought resilience through the development of Regional Drought Resilience Plan that will identify what actions are needed and how they could be implemented.

In the pilot program, Regional Drought Resilience Plans will be developed for three regions in Victoria. The regions, defined by the Regional Partnerships, are Wimmera Southern Mallee, Gippsland and Goulburn. The activities for the Pilot Program will be completed by 30 June 2022.

The Plans will be developed in partnership with local councils and regional stakeholders using a place-based approach. A Program Facilitator will be embedded in each of the targeted regions to ensure that the Plans are informed, driven and owned by the community.

Drought Research and Adoption Program

The Drought Research and Adoption Program will support networks of researchers, primary producers and community groups to enhance drought resilience practices, tools and technology. Eight Hubs across Australia have been funded for four years.

Agriculture Victoria is a member of the Victorian consortium, led by the University of Melbourne, that will host the Victorian Hub.

Further information about each program will be published on this webpage as it becomes available.

Further information about the Future Drought Fund and the programs is available on the Australian Government’s website.

For further information about the programs in Victoria contact 136 186 or email drought.support@agriculture.vic.gov.au.

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Page last updated: 24 May 2021