Chemical residue resources

In addition to the information that can be found on our website, Agriculture Victoria has a number of resources that can be helpful when managing chemical residues in primary produce. These documents can be used as a guide when:

  • taking samples for residue analysis
  • observing withholding periods
  • managing cross-contamination from farm infrastructure
  • avoiding crop damage from residual herbicides.


Managing chemical residues in crops and produce:

Managing chemical cross-contamination risks:

Managing cross contamination of horticultural products:

Withholding period statements on labels:

Avoiding crop damage from residual herbicides:

Sampling soils, vegetables, fruit and grain for residue testing:

Sampling bees for residue testing:

More information

To be put in contact with a chemical standards officer, please contact the Customer Service Centre on 136 186 or

Page last updated: 17 Jun 2020