Restricted use and restricted supply chemicals

Restrictions apply to the supply and use of certain high-risk chemicals.

'Restricted supply' products

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Association (APVMA) has restricted the supply of high-risk chemicals to ensure they are only supplied to authorised persons who have successfully completed accredited training in their handling and use. In Victoria, these chemicals are known as 'restricted supply' chemicals.

For information, see APVMA restricted chemical products.

To determine if a product is a 'restricted supply' chemical, search the Public Chemical Registration Information System (PubCRIS) database or read the product label. The product label of a 'restricted supply' chemical will include the statement:

Restricted chemical product – Only to be supplied to or used by an authorised person.

'Restricted use' chemicals

In Victoria, there are some high-risk chemicals that are restricted in terms of who can use them and what they can be used for. These are known as 'restricted use' chemicals.

Restrictions were placed on these chemicals because they have a potentially higher risk of negatively affecting:

  • the user's health
  • the environment, or
  • trade.

'Restricted use' chemicals are agricultural chemicals that:

  • are Schedule 7 Poisons ('DANGEROUS POISON' signal heading on label) — these substances have a high potential to cause harm at low exposure and require special precautions during manufacture, handling and use (examples of the active constituents in Schedule 7 products are, dichlorvos, fenamiphos, methomyl, methyl bromide, aluminium phosphide, mevinphos, paraquat (this does not include veterinary chemicals)
  • contain atrazine — these products have the ability to contaminate waterways and groundwater
  • contain metham sodium, or
  • are ester formulations of 2,4-D, 2,4-DB, MCPA and triclopyr.

To determine if a product contains a 'restricted use' chemical, read the product label or search the PubCRIS database to find out the active constituent of the product.

'Restricted use' chemicals must only be used strictly in line with label directions. It is illegal to use a 'restricted use' chemical off-label unless a you have a permit from the APVMA authorising that use or if that chemical is used in low-risk circumstances.

Authorisation for supply or use

To purchase 'restricted supply' or use 'restricted use' chemicals, you need to hold one of the following appropriately endorsed licences or permits:

How to tell if it's restricted supply or restricted use

  'Restricted supply' chemicals 'Restricted use' chemicals
Managing authority Supply restricted nationally by the APVMA. Use restricted in Victoria by the state government.
Authorisation required Only supplied to authorised persons (meaning, a person who holds an appropriately endorsed ACUP or COL). Must show authorisation to purchase. Can only be used by people who hold an appropriately endorsed:
  • ACUP
  • COL, or
  • PCRL.
Product label Includes label statement:
'Restricted chemical product — Only to be supplied to or used by an authorised person'
  • all Schedule 7 Poisons (DANGEROUS POISONS),
  • products containing atrazine, metham sodium or ester formulations of 2,4-D, 2,4-DB, MCPA, or triclopyr.
Page last updated: 27 Jan 2022