Domestic animal business registration

Dog wearing collar with tag on itAll Domestic animal businesses must register with their local council. Existing registrations must be renewed by 10 April each year. Businesses can be fined for not complying.

Under current legislation, local council has the authority to:

  • refuse registration of a business if they fail to comply with the legislation and relevant code of practice
  • set special conditions on the registration of any domestic animal business.

Domestic animal businesses may be required to register individual animals as well.

Owners of domestic animal breeding businesses must register:

  • the business
  • each animal belonging to the business over 3 months of age.

$20 from each domestic animal business registration is levied for state government programs. This is used to:

  • fund domestic animal education programs and campaigns
  • provide support to pet owners and local government in responsible pet ownership.

For more information about registration fees and requirements, contact your local council.

Page last updated: 03 Jul 2020