Domestic animal legislation

Act and regulations

Animal Welfare legislation

Domestic Animals Act 1994

Read the Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Domestic Animals Regulations

Read the Domestic Animals Regulations 2015.

Governing Orders

The Governor in Council may make Orders by publishing in the Government Gazette exemptions of any animal or class of animal to be exempt from any or all of the provisions of the Act.

These are the published Orders currently in place:

Notice of approval of Guide Dog Training Organisations — there has been a new Gazettal for the 'Approval of Guide Dog Training Organisations'.

The new Gazettal, published in the Victoria Government Gazette, on 14 March 2013 replaces the previous 'Approval' dated 14 March 1996. The change reflects the current business names of the operating organisations (Guide Dogs Victoria and Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs).

  • In addition to the new 'Approval' the Minister has provided the Approved Guide Dog Organisations with an exemption from the requirements of being a domestic animal business and from the requirements of section 96 of the Domestic Animals Act, 1994.
  • Notices of Approved Applicable OrganisationsNotice of Declaration of Applicable Organisations
  • Exemption Order for the Scientific Establishments from registering dogs and cats – Exemption Order
  • Exemption Order from the Victorian Animal Aid Trust from Specific operation of 63A – Exemption Order

Prescribed  Requirements

The Secretary of the department has the power to require certain experience or qualifications to provide services under the Act.

These are the published prescribed requirements currently in place:

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