How to administer Gudair vaccine to sheep

Information supplied by Zoetis Australia

In the Spring 2016 edition of Sheep Notes, information was provided on the issues associated with poor administration of Gudair® vaccine, which is used to control ovine Johne's disease.

These issues include vaccination site reactions, which can result in carcase damage or, occasionally, the condition known as 'Gudair staggers'.

Zoetis has updated its advice on where and how to administer Gudair® vaccine:

Always vaccinate under the skin, by using a 6mm (¼ inch) needle directed at the appropriate angle:

  • 45° angle for lambs and adults in short wool or of low body condition
  • 90° angle for adult sheep with wool cover.

Vaccinate at the side of the neck, lower than the base of the ear.

vaccination diagram

Correct vaccination site (orange circle), under the skin, on the side of the neck, avoiding critical structures near the base of the ear, and the joints of the spine (C1 & C2)

Additional points to consider:

  • use 18-gauge needles
  • change the needle every 50 to 100 sheep
  • avoid wet or dusty conditions
  • for your own safety, use the Sekurus safety vaccinator.
Page last updated: 17 May 2021