Agricultural chemical use records

The following records must be made within 48 hours of using an agricultural chemical product:

  • product trade name
  • date the product was used
  • application rate of the product, or enough information to calculate application rate
  • crop or commodity that was treated or the situation in which the product was applied
  • specific location where the product was used
  • wind speed and direction at the time and location of application (if spraying outdoors)
  • name and contact details of the applicator
  • name and contact details of the supervisor (if applicable)
  • name and contact details of person for whom the application was carried out (if applicable).

You must keep these records for two years from the date of use.

When records aren't required

You don't need records of use for the following products and uses:

  • household or home garden products available from retail outlets that are applied by hand or via a hand-operated device
  • agricultural chemical products used to clean a swimming pool or a spa
  • licensed pest controllers who use agricultural chemical products in non-agricultural situations.

For more information on agricultural chemical use records, including record-keeping templates, visit the Record-keeping format and templates page.

Page last updated: 01 Aug 2023