Record keeping format and templates

You can keep your records in any format that suits you. Records of use can be:

  • hand written
  • computer generated
  • kept in record books
  • recorded as part of a quality assurance program.

The only requirement is that the records:

  • contain all the required information
  • are clear and accurate
  • are readily available to an authorised officer on request.

Records may be made by a third party (such as a supervisor or assistant) or through automated data logging, but it's up to the chemical user to make sure they are accurate and are kept for the required period.

A good sign that your record-keeping system is suitable is if another person can pick up your documentation and get a clear picture of exactly what you did, on any given day, without any assistance.

Top 10 record-keeping tips

Agriculture Victoria’s top 10 tips to assist you to meet the record-keeping requirements.

Record-keeping templates

You can use the following templates to keep records of your chemical use or supply.

Agricultural chemicals

Veterinary chemicals

Pest animal bait products

Retail supply of Schedule 7 'Dangerous poisons'


Aquatic species

Spray drift restraints

Page last updated: 02 Sep 2020