Death as an endpoint

Death as an endpoint is where death is a deliberate measure in the procedure and where there will be no intervention to kill the animal humanely before death occurs in the course of the procedure.

It does not include the death of an animal due to unexpected adverse events, the humane killing of an animal as planned in an Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) approved project or due to the condition of the animal.

These procedures must not be conducted unless approved by the Minister for Agriculture.

See the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes 8th edition .

Death as an endpoint procedures may only be carried out for the achievement of prescribed outcomes and only where the objective cannot be achieved by any other scientific means.

The Minister may only grant approval when the scientific procedure is related to:

  • potentially lifesaving treatment for animals or human beings
  • research in connection with cancer in animals or human beings
  • development and assessment of the humaneness of lethal vertebrate pest control agents, or
  • the investigation of environmental contaminants.

See the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulations 2019.

These procedures must be approved by the Minister for Agriculture. Any modifications to a previously approved DAEP project must also be submitted to the Minister for consideration.


An application for ministerial approval to conduct these procedures may be obtained from the forms page.

Page last updated: 16 Mar 2023