Payments for cat, dog and domestic animal business registration fees

Under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 (DA Act), local councils are required to pay the Treasurer $4.39 for every cat and dog registration and $20 for every domestic animal business registration collected in each financial year (as at 1 July 2023). Payments for cat and dog registrations increase marginally each financial year in line with the annual rate approved by the Treasurer in relation to the state budget.

The payments to the Treasurer were introduced in 1996 and are only a small proportion of the pet registration fees charged by local councils to cover their animal management service costs.

The payments are used to:

  • promote responsible dog and cat ownership
  • administer the DA Act
  • support animal welfare
  • conduct research into domestic animal management.

Projects funded by registration fees

Specifically, the payments fund:

  • departmental staffing — including a dedicated Local Government Liaison Officer who provides dedicated support to all council officers via email and phone on the effective enforcement and administration of the DA Act
  • policy and legislation development and implementation, such as the Domestic Animals Amendment (Puppy Farms and Pet Shops) Act 2017
  • community education, including the Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) Program and online training courses for Responsible Dog Ownership, Responsible Cat Ownership and the Breeding of Dogs and Cats in Victoria
  • the DART intranet — a dedicated website for council officers that contains legislative and community education support documents and tools
  • administration and maintenance of the Victorian Declared Dog Registry, Banning Order and Microchip Implanters Database
  • auditing and licensing of council owned pounds and domestic animal businesses
  • licensing of the Animal Registry services
  • development of procedures, protocols and templates to support the effective administration of the DA Act
  • seminars and training for animal management officers.

Greyhound Racing Victoria

Under the DA Act, Greyhound Racing Victoria (GRV) are required to pay the Treasurer $3.50 for each GRV greyhound registration it collects in each financial year. The GRV registration payments contribute to the administration of the DA Act in relation to GRV greyhounds, including:

  • education of individuals and bodies that keep GRV greyhounds
  • training of GRV authorised officers
  • the making of greyhound codes of practice.

More information

For more information about the services your council delivers with your pet registration fees, visit your local council's website or see Pet registration and its benefits to you and your pets.

Page last updated: 22 Sep 2023