Seasonal reminders and resources

Below is a reference to some past articles that may be useful over the coming months, particularly given the wet season. These are available either as previous SheepNotes articles on the Agriculture Victoria website ( and search for ‘Sheep Notes’) or on the FeedingLivestock website.



Where is it

Inspect your dam to avoid failure

A detailed inspection of dams is recommended following significant storm or rain events which can impact structural integrity of dams.

Autumn 2022

Imprint feeding of lambs

Even after a good spring, weaned lambs may require supplements to keep them growing over summer, so to ensure they take to it quickly, train before you wean.

FeedingLivestock website– under all news articles

Tips for preventing flystrike

Blowfly strike is a scourge of the sheep industry, and sheep owners should use multiple methods to reduce.

Spring 2015

Summer drenches
Best Practice first summer drenching strategies and Wormboss drench decision guide

First summer drench – due November/December. In this article David Rendell discusses why and when.

Spring 2020

Ryegrass (and phalaris) staggers

Perennial ryegrass staggers may occur after a good spring and with summer rains.

Autumn 2021

Toxic summer weeds

Heliotrope and hairy panic

Autumn 2022 and Spring 2021

Second summer drench

Your sheep need two summer drenches?

Autumn 2020

To feed or not to feed

When stock prices are good, there may be interest to feed lambs on grain for earlier turn off. This article provides some guides on how to work through the rations etc

Spring 2021 (or FeedingLivestock website in All News Items)

Resources for assessing feed and animal requirements over summer

Underperforming animals in a paddock full of feed

As pastures eventually dry off over summer, it can be quite difficult (and misleading) to assess the value to stock.

Autumn 2021

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