Priority marine pests

Marine pests and noxious species can include fish, and other aquatic plants and animals. Victoria has listed several species and genera as noxious under Section 75 of the Fisheries Act 1995.

By declaring a species as noxious, the Victorian Government applies regulations to control the use and potential spread of such animals.

Once declared as noxious, people must not bring these species into the state, or take, hatch, keep, possess, sell, transport, put into any container or release them into any protected waters (unless otherwise authorised by permit).

The Fisheries Act requires people to report the possession, existence and location of any noxious aquatic species and provides powers to allow authorised officers to seize, remove and prevent the spread of noxious aquatic species.

Further information on noxious aquatic species permits can be obtained from the Victorian Fisheries Authority

Exotic marine pests

These pests are not known to be established in Victoria:

Established marine pests

These pests are already established in some parts of Victoria:

Page last updated: 03 Apr 2024