Moving pigs into Victoria

Pigs entering Victoria must:

Health requirements for imported pigs

All livestock brought into Victoria must be free of notifiable diseases.

Livestock with other diseases can only enter Victoria under a licence, usually only direct for slaughter at an abattoir. In some situations, we might issue a licence to introduce the animals to another Victorian property.

These licences are issued by the the Chief Veterinary Officer Unit at Agriculture Victoria.

Importing pigs from northern Australia

Pigs introduced into Victoria from north of the Tropic of Capricorn in Queensland and Western Australia, or from anywhere in the Northern Territory must complete the form Introduction of pigs into Victoria from the NT, or any area north of the Tropic of Capricorn in WA or Qld (WORD - 120.8 KB)

This form includes assurance that the pigs are free of swine brucellosis. To provide this, the pigs must either:

  • come from accredited free herds, or
  • be blood tested negative within 30 days before entry (Complement Fixation Test, Serum Agglutination Test or Rose Bengal Test)
Page last updated: 05 Aug 2021