Strengthening Victoria’s Biosecurity System Program

The health, prosperity and way of life of all Victorians relies on a strong biosecurity system.

The pressure on this system is increasing due to the increased movement of people and goods, changing community expectations, climate change, land use and industry practices.

A stronger biosecurity system requires industry, community and government working together.

In 2019 the Victorian Government committed a significant investment to make sure that we can strengthen the protections in place and help us be better prepare for the future. We need to transform how we deliver biosecurity services.

Our freedom from diseases, pests and weeds hinge on decisions made every day. Biosecurity supports the delivery of clean and safe food that meet domestic and export standards, the ethical treatment of animals, and protection from the spread of established weeds and pests across the landscape.

The Strengthening Victoria’s Biosecurity System Program will work with government, industry and community. Together we can ensure the continued strong performance of Victoria’s biosecurity system to underpin jobs and economic growth across Victoria, support trade and market access and protect our public health and unique environment.

The Strengthening Victoria’s Biosecurity System Program will focus on: a shared vision for biosecurity, legislative reform, and more effective and efficient delivery of biosecurity services by Agriculture Victoria.

Industry, community and government perspectives

A vital component of this program is understanding the views, knowledge and aspirations of participants from across industry, community and government for Victoria’s biosecurity system.

The program was announced at the 2019 Victorian Biosecurity Roundtable.

The Roundtable was an opportunity to start the discussion to define biosecurity, the role of regulation, and develop a shared understanding of the system.

These insights will help determine how we can work together to meet future challenges.

In 2020-21, the SVBS Program will continue to run a series of activities to further engage industry, community and government. Our focus is to capture the diverse perspectives and expertise across Victoria to inform how we can improve biosecurity.

A series of targeted activities are scheduled later this year. They include:

  • A survey
  • Key informant interviews
  • A series of workshops.

Industry, community and government feedback will inform the planning and design of a Directions Statement and guide how we can better work together in the future.

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Page last updated: 03 Aug 2020