Victoria’s Fruit Fly Strategy 2021 to 2025

Fruit flies on a piece of fruit.Fruit flies are a significant threat to Victoria's horticultural industry, affecting production and trade opportunities. Victoria’s horticulture industry is worth over $3 billion per year. More than $1 billion of Victoria’s horticultural exports are comprised of products that are susceptible to damage from fruit fly.

Victoria’s Fruit Fly Strategy 2021–2025 (the Strategy) guides Victoria’s approach to the management of fruit fly. The Strategy has three activity areas:

  • Activity Area 1: Maintain Victoria’s freedom from exotic fruit fly species (including Mediterranean fruit fly)
  • Activity Area 2: Contribute to national systems and research that protects Australia and Victoria from exotic fruit fly and facilitate market access
  • Activity Area 3: Support industry and community led management of Queensland fruit fly and strengthen industry surveillance capability

Activities under the Strategy aim to protect Victoria’s horticulture industry by managing the risk of exotic fruit fly incursions and strengthening shared responsibility in the management of Queensland fruit fly (QFF). To effectively manage QFF, a collaborative approach between industry, government and community is required.

The Victorian government is providing financial and coordination support over the life of the Strategy for area-wide management of QFF through Regional Governance Groups and Regional Coordinators in the key horticulture areas of Goulburn Murray Valley, the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area and the Yarra Valley.

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Page last updated: 08 Jan 2024