Fruit fly surveillance in Victoria

An approach in the Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area (PFA) is to use fruit fly traps placed in a grid system to monitor this pest.

In towns, fruit fly traps are positioned 400 metres apart, while in orchards they are placed 1 kilometre apart. These traps are cleared weekly from 1 November to 31 May, and fortnightly from 1 June to 31 October.

Additional fruit fly monitoring programs are in place in the Goulburn Murray Valley and Yarra Valley. For more information, see our action on QFF in regional Victoria page.

Current fruit fly outbreaks in Victoria

Here is a detailed summary of the Fruit Fly situation in Victoria as at 12 August 2020. This page is updated monthly.

Recent fruit fly activity

Outbreaks declared
(within the last seven days)
Outbreaks reinstated
(within the last seven days)

Queensland Fruit Fly (QFF) outbreaks have occurred in the following region:

  • Greater Sunraysia Pest Free Area (PFA)

You can use this application to determine whether you are in one of the declared outbreak areas within the Greater Sunraysia PFA. The table below lists dates of last detection and potential reinstatement dates for each of the outbreak areas within these regions.

This information can be used as the basis for the signing of intrastate and interstate movement of host produce within the fruit fly pest free areas of all states. Please refer to the domestic trade requirements page for more details.

Enquiries regarding international host product movement must be directed to the Australian Government Department of Agriculture website.

Greater Sunraysia pest free area

In partnership with industry, we are undertaking a program of eradication of Queensland fruit fly in the Greater Sunraysia PFA — with the aim of reinstating each outbreak area to area freedom.

Page last updated: 22 Jan 2021