Permits for off-label use

APVMA permits

The Australian Pesticides and Medicines Authority (APVMA) administers a permits scheme that allows for:

  • the legal use of chemicals in certain ways that are contrary to the label instructions, or
  • in certain circumstances, the limited use of an unregistered chemical product.

A permit is similar to a label in that all instructions must be strictly followed.

An APVMA permit is required in Victoria to use:

  • a 'restricted use' chemical in an off-label manner, except in low-risk circumstances
  • an unregistered chemical product
  • a chemical product at a rate higher than the maximum rate on the label for that use
  • a chemical product more frequently than the use intervals specified on the label for that use
  • a chemical product contrary to a specific restraint statement on the product label — for example, 'DO NOT apply by air'.

Read more about permits on the APVMA website.

Permits for the off-label use of 1080 and PAPP

The Directions for the Use of 1080 and PAPP Pest Animal Bait Products in Victoria (DfU) imposes controls specific to Victoria for the use of pest animal bait products that contain 1080 or PAPP.

To use a pest animal bait product that contains the poison 1080 (sodium fluoroacetate) or PAPP (4-aminopropiophenone) in a way that's contrary to the DfU, you must have a section 25A permit from Agriculture Victoria.

Apply for a permit

Complete this form to apply for a permit:

Permits to authorise the use of 1080 and PAPP contrary to the label of the chemical product are issued by the APVMA.

Registered chemicals database

The APVMA has a searchable database, Public Chemical Registration Information System (PubCRIS) that lists all:

  • currently registered chemical products
  • APVMA off-label permits.
Page last updated: 24 Nov 2023