Directions for use of 1080 and PAPP bait products

All users of 1080 and PAPP must comply with the Direction for the use of 1080 and PAPP pest animal bait products in Victoria (DfU). It's an offence under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Act 1992 not to comply with the DfU.

Compliance with the 1080 and PAPP bait product labels is a requirement under the Act unless the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has issued a permit allowing use in a manner not consistent with the product label.

What's in the DfU

The DfU includes detailed requirements about:

  • pre-use risk assessment
  • purchasing, transport and storage
  • notification to neighbours and signage
  • reducing potential harm to non-target animals and incident reporting about non-target animals
  • distance restrictions
  • laying of 1080 and PAPP pest animal bait products
  • disposal of 1080 and PAPP pest animal bait products, capsules, carcasses, and containers
  • use of equipment
  • safety directions and occupational health and safety
  • record keeping.

Permits for other uses

Any use of 1080 or PAPP pest animal products contrary to the DfU is illegal unless:

Download the DfU

For downloadable templates that may assist you to comply with the requirements of the DfU, visit the 1080 and PAPP resources page.

Page last updated: 08 Feb 2021