Managing citrus orchards with less water

To manage citrus orchards with less water requires an understanding of your orchard's water requirements and the impacts of water stress.

There are a variety of options to consider when managing an orchard with reduced water availability. For example, water requirements will be influenced by tree size and age, so reducing mature tree canopies might be an option. Another strategy is to sacrifice less profitable blocks with minimal water and allocate water to more profitable blocks, rather than watering the whole orchard with a sub-optimal water regime.

Implementing irrigation scheduling and drip irrigation practices could also help. When considering these options, careful planning, including the use of a water budget should be used to guide decision making. Every farm will be different in the selection and degree of water saving options.

This Primefact addresses options for managing your citrus orchard with a reduced water allocation as well as describing the experiences of citrus growers from NSW and Victoria who faced limited water availability in 2003 and 2007.

Topics covered include

  • citrus water requirements
  • water and citrus growth
  • citrus growth stages
  • impacts of water stress on growth
  • water saving practices
  • strategies for managing citrus with less water
  • additional tree management strategies


Page last updated: 01 Mar 2024