Appendix 8: Example monthly stock inventory for licence conditions

This is Appendix 8 of the Code of Practice for the Housing and Care of Laboratory Mice, Rats, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits.

Animal facility name:

Animal facility staff name and phone contact:

Months of year:



(M, R, GP, Ra) **

Source of Animals
(P, AP, IP, OP)

X = Number Breeding and stock animals (existing lines***)

Y= No. Animals allocated to a AEC approved project

Z = No. animals NOT breeding nor allocated to a project and destroyed

Total =
X + Y+ Z

No. live animals sold/ delivered to another licensed institution

Date of delivery



P: bred at this licensed premises
AP: bred at another licensed premises
IP: bred at an interstate premises
OP: bred overseas (note retain name and address of OS supplier)

* if new GM strain
** Specification of strain/genetic description (optional) but do indicate
*** not final progeny that get allocated to a project

Signature of Animal Facility Staff:


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