Get into Digital Ag (Years 8 – 12)

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Get into Digi.Ag aligns with Levels 7-8 of the Victorian F-10 Digital Technologies curriculum. Content also aligns with the VCE Agriculture and Horticulture Study Design. Relevant areas include Unit 1, Area of Study 1, or Unit 3, Area of Study 1. It is rich in cross-disciplinary references to other STEM curricula.


Get into Digi.Ag has students explore on-farm digital data collection and its use in precision agriculture. Students undertake hands-on activities that include:

  • constructing a digital soil-moisture sensor that monitors the immediate environment of a plant
  • opening and manipulating the digital script that runs the sensor
  • entering the code in a terminal to open and run their script
  • collaborating to compile class dataset
  • analysing their dataset to make precision choices that could impact efficient use of water
  • designing a basic algorithm that would automate a watering system based on input from their sensors.
  • exploring the acquisition of spatial images  using satellites, drones and ground vehicles
  • exploring the use of infra-red, hyperspectral, multispectral and LiDAR imaging.


AvailableTerms 1 – 4
Duration2 hours
CostFREE (workbooks provided)
LocationsAgriBio, Centre for AgriBioscience (Bundoora) and Agriculture Victoria SmartFarms (Tatura, Ellinbank, Horsham, Hamilton)
OnlineAvailable ONLY for spatial sensing and imaging component of workshop

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