Get into Genes – DNA (Year 10)

Image shows two students working with samples in a laboratory

Curriculum linksImage shows wheat crossed with X symbol representing DNA

Get into Genes - DNA (Yr 10) aligns with Level 10 of the Victorian F-10 Science curriculum.


Get into Genes - DNA (Yr 10) has students explore the application of analytical techniques to on-farm biosecurity and efficiency improvements. Students rotate through four hands-on laboratory workstations that include:

  • DNA extraction
  • DNA sequencing using nanopore technologies
  • bioinformatics using BLAST
  • the use of pipettes


Duration2 hours (online delivery 1.5 hrs)
  • AgriBio
  • Centre for AgriBioscience (Bundoora)
  • Agriculture Victoria SmartFarms (Tatura, Ellinbank, Horsham, Hamilton)

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