Pigs with foot-and-mouth disease

Foot-and-Mouth disease (FMD) is a highly infectious disease and usually spread through close contact between animals or contact with the bodily fluids of infected animals. Compared to other species affected pigs, in particular, generate and breathe out enormous amounts of virus, which may infect other livestock, even over long distances.

Look out for these symptoms of foot-and-mouth disease in pigs:

  • fever
  • sudden lameness
  • reluctance to move
  • dullness
  • refusal to feed.

Mouth sores are not always easy to see, but blisters may develop on the snout or on the tongue.

At first suspicion of sickness or a disease that concerns you, contact your local vet or notify Agriculture Victoria on the Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline 1800 675 888.

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Page last updated: 04 Aug 2023