Importing plants and plant products into Victoria

Private (non-commercial) travellers

A summary of plants and plant products that can be brought into Victoria is provided in the Traveller's Guide to Australian Interstate Quarantine.

Commercial activities

The movement into Victoria of plants, plant products, equipment and soil may be subject to a prohibition, or to one or more conditions, which may include chemical treatments.

Some items may need to be presented to an inspector on arrival for checking of details such as correct certification, labelling or treatment.

Businesses may be accredited by the department under a compliance agreement to perform these checks on behalf of the department.

Agreements are routinely audited by DJPR to ensure they are working effectively.

Below is a list of the current pest/disease that have a Compliance Agreement that a business can be accredited under to verify their product on arrival.

  • Blueberry rust – Importing produce from an infected area/state
  • Fire ants – Sourcing material from within 5km of an outbreak
  • Fruit fly – Receival of fruit from infested areas/states
  • Grape Phylloxera – Receival of Diagnostic Samples from a Phylloxera Infested Area
  • Green snail – Receival of host material from infested areas/states
  • Potato cyst nematode – Receival of potatoes from an area infested with potato cyst nematode


The benefits obtained by individual businesses will vary according to the type of operation and the produce covered by an arrangement. However, benefits can include:

  • increased flexibility – businesses can plan operations without the need to arrange for a DJPR inspector to be present
  • improved awareness of quality issues – documented staff responsibilities and duties
  • improved operational control – procedures documented
  • reduced verification costs.

Please contact your local Plant Standards Officer on 136 186 for more details about the Compliance Agreements.

Plant Quarantine Manual

Refer to the Plant Quarantine Manual for details of all requirements for the movement into Victoria of plants, plant materials and related items.

Use the Plant Quarantine Manual

Internet trading

Restrictions on importing plants and plant products into Victoria apply equally to items purchased online.

The availability of an item on an internet-trading site does not imply that it is legal to import it into Victoria or that importation is unrestricted. The buyer must comply with state quarantine regulations when importing online purchases.

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Page last updated: 09 Mar 2022