Moving plants and plant products overview

To minimise the spread of pests and diseases into Victoria's major crop production areas, there are restrictions on the movement of certain materials:

  • plants
  • plant products
  • used packaging
  • agricultural equipment
  • soil.

Restrictions may apply to:

  • materials that are moved into or out of declared areas within Victoria, or
  • the importation of material from another state.

These restrictions are supported by Victorian Government plant biosecurity legislation.

There are also controls on the interstate export of prescribed materials, as each state and territory has its own requirements that must be met.

Benefits from restrictions on the movement of plants and plant products, together with pest control and eradication, include:

  • greater access to national and international markets for farmers
  • reduced processing costs of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • reduced use of some chemical treatments.

For more details see Movement within Victoria.

For more details see the Plant Quarantine Manual.

Non-commercial interstate movement

For private (non-commercial) interstate travellers, the Traveller's Guide to Australian Interstate Quarantine provides an overview of movement restrictions.

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More information

For more details about moving plants or plant products, contact a Plant Standards Officer on 136 186 or email

If you notice any unusual pest or disease symptoms on your plants, call the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on 1800 084 881 (toll-free), Australia-wide.

Page last updated: 20 Jul 2020