The fox and wild dog bounty

Update 22 February 2021

Victorian fox and wild dog bounty collections will resume on Monday 1 March 2021, in line with current COVIDSafe requirements.

Agriculture Victoria has a COVIDSafe Plan for each bounty collection centre.

If you are attending a collection centre, you must comply with COVIDSafe requirements including physical distancing, good hygiene practices and wearing a face mask indoors and where you can’t distance outdoors.

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) is the preferred method of payment so please bring your EFT details to the collection centre.

Stay safe by following the COVIDSafe requirements and, if you feel unwell, get tested and stay home.

The Victorian Government invested $6.7 million in the 2020–21 Budget to continue the fox and wild dog bounty until 2024. The program offers an incentive to eligible Victorian hunters and encourages community participation in fox and wild dog management.

Please check this page for the latest information, as the collection schedule is subject to change.

Acceptable entire fox scalps and entire wild dog body parts will be collected from eligible members of the public at specific dates and times, and from sites scheduled as collection centres.

Please note that no entire-fox scalps or entire wild dog body parts will be accepted at any public counter or state government office. Collections will only be accepted at the designated times.

General information

Foxes and wild dogs are 'declared' established pest animals in Victoria. They cannot be eradicated from the state and require ongoing management by all public and private landowners.

Effective fox and wild dog management requires an integrated approach utilising all suitable management practices including:

  • poison baiting
  • trapping
  • exclusion fencing
  • fumigation
  • appropriate animal husbandry.

Hunting can play an important role in supporting an integrated management approach.

Bounty awards

At each of the collection centres there are forms available for applicants to use when submitting an acceptable body part. Collection staff will assist applicants to complete the form.

How to claim GST on a reward

To have the GST applied to a reward an applicant must supply their Australian Business Number (ABN) on the application form. Application forms will be available at collection centres.

Legally hunting

All legislation regarding the hunting of foxes and wild dogs must be observed.

Hunting of foxes and wild dogs is prohibited in some areas of public land such as National Parks.

All hunters must receive permission from the landowner at all times. It is illegal to shoot across or onto neighbouring properties and over roads and roadsides.

Hunters are reminded that access to burnt areas on public land may be restricted due to safety considerations.

Page last updated: 23 Feb 2021