Survey of 1080 users in Victoria

Agriculture Victoria has engaged a market research company called Quantum Market Research to survey all authorised 1080 users in Victoria.

People who hold an Agricultural Chemical User Permit (ACUP) that authorises the use of 1080 and PAPP or a vermin-endorsed Commercial Operator Licence will be provided the survey.

The survey will be posted on 29 April 2024 or emailed if the email address has been provided. Quantum Market Research will also follow up with a phone call to people who have not completed the survey, with an offer to complete it over the phone.

Survey participants will have until 2nd June 2024 to complete the survey, which can be completed online, on the paper form or via a follow up telephone call from Quantum Market Research.

Agriculture Victoria encourages people to participate in the survey.

I have not received the 1080 survey in the post or via email, but I hold a 1080 ACUP

As a first step, please check your email junk folder.

If you still cannot locate the survey, please contact the Department’s Customer Contact Centre.

Note that Quantum Market Research will follow up with a telephone call to those who have not completed the survey by mid-May, with the offer to do the survey over the phone.

Quantum Market Research will also send a reminder email in late May to those who have not completed the survey.

Why is Agriculture Victoria doing a survey of 1080 users?

In 2022, the government made an election commitment of $1.0 million over 2 years from 2023 to 2025 for Agriculture Victoria to conduct research into alternatives to 1080 poison.

As part of this commitment, Agriculture Victoria is commissioning the survey to better understand the use of 1080 and other pest animal control methods in Victoria.

What will happen with the survey results?

The market research company will provide Agriculture Victoria a report after the survey is completed.

All survey responses will be de-identified before being provided to Agriculture Victoria.

Researchers from the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action will then analyse the information and do further desk-based research.

Page last updated: 27 May 2024