About young farmers

The future of Victorian agriculture rests with young farmers.

The Victorian Government is committed to supporting the next generation of farmers and provides opportunities for young people in agriculture to:

  • have a say
  • enhance their skills
  • progress their careers.

Network and connect

Mr Clay Gowers, Chair Young. Farmers Advisory Council

Keep connected and up to date with all things young farmer.

Young Farmers Network

Are you keen to connect with other young farmers in person and online? Don’t want to miss out on the latest upskilling and development opportunities? Be sure you know all about upcoming events and announcements? The Young Farmers Network is just the group to help you.

Join our Network on Facebook and keep up to date with via the Young Farmers Network page and mailing list.

Ag Vic Talk podcast channel

A series of podcasts to deliver knowledge and information in a way that suits busy young farmers.

Upskilling and learning

We offer a range of opportunities to learn and upskill through the Young Farmers Network.

Young Farmers Scholarships

The program provides young farmers in Victoria opportunities to access young farmer scholarships of up to $10,000 to help boost skills and implement new on-farm initiatives.

Business Bootcamps

Delivered at various locations across Victoria, the Young Farmer Business Bootcamps will help producers to understand and manage business risk, develop a business plan to grow their business and to have confidence that there is a future in agriculture for them.

Leadership and development

Ready to develop as a leader in your industry and region?

Young Farmers Advisory Council

The Young Farmers Advisory Council is a group of enthusiastic young people from various agricultural industries and regions who work with Agriculture Victoria to grow a sustainable and profitable agriculture sector.

Council members also act as young ambassadors to attract new entrants to the state's vibrant agriculture sector.

Support from industry, education and community

Support for new careers

Support for new careers – tips and tricks to help you find a career in agriculture .

Opportunities outside of Agriculture Victoria

Opportunities outside of Agriculture Victoria – leadership, study, awards and travel.

Get in touch with your peers

Get in touch with your peers – networks in Victoria, Australia and internationally.

More information

To get more information about these initiatives email youngfarmer.coordinator@agriculture.vic.gov.au.

Page last updated: 05 Mar 2024