Get in touch with your peers

  • Want to find out who else shares your passion for dairy?
  • What about making a difference to your industry or community?
  • Or do you just want to find like-minded people in your rural area to have fun with?

The strength in connecting with these groups is a powerful one in forging your career pathway.

Browse the networks in Victoria, as well the rest of Australia.


  • Young Farmers Business Network (YFBN) — The Victorian Young Farmers Network is a space for young farmers to share and take part in discussions, and to connect with peers with a mutual passion for agriculture.
  • The Young Dairy Network — The Young Dairy Network Australia (YDNA) is a project of Dairy Australia that works across the regions to support local networks of young dairy farmers and employees.


  • The Future Farmers Networks — The Future Farmers Network has been operating since 2002 and provides members with access to the latest news, events, scholarships, awards and information from across all aspects of the rural industries.
  • Rural Youth Organisation of Tasmania (RYOT) — Rural Youth is all about Friends, Fun, Training and Travel!
  • Australian Women in Agriculture (AWIA) — AWiA was founded on 14 February 1993 and has grown quickly to a national body. Membership reflects all those involved and interested in a positive future for Australian agriculture. AWiA is a supportive network of like-minded women. Members benefit from the recognition and strength that comes with being part of this leading organisation representing Australian women in agriculture and their diverse views.
  • National Farmers Federation — The National Farmers' Federation (NFF) is the peak national body representing farmers and, more broadly, agriculture across Australia. It is one of Australia's foremost and respected advocacy organisations.


The future of the food and fibre industry looks very bright – current projections show that in the next 40 years, farming production worldwide will need to double.

This stop is for young food and fibre producers wanting to expand their agriculture knowledge overseas and undertake international work experience.

There are many international young farmers and rural youth organisations that can help you work or study overseas.

Why not visit Scotland Young Farmers?

Or work on a dairy farm in New Zealand?

Here are some active internet based groups from around the world to get you thinking.

Page last updated: 13 Jan 2022