Non-indigenous Bird Declaration Policy

The purpose of the policy is to define the department’s criteria for the  declaration of non-indigenous birds in Victoria to enhance protection of primary industries, the environment and community health for all stakeholders.

Key points for bird keepers

  • All captive bird species declared as regulated pest animals can continue to be kept and traded in Victoria.
  • All privately kept non-indigenous bird species are not affected by the declarations and can continue to be kept.
  • The policy and associated declarations enable Agriculture Victoria to take all reasonable steps to prevent and manage incursions of exotic species (prohibited, controlled and regulated pest animals) in Victoria as part of its duty.
  • The non-indigenous bird declaration policy and associated declarations aim to reduce the impact some non-indigenous bird species will make in Victoria should they escape captivity and become established in the wild.
  • The Australian Government is responsible for national border biosecurity and oversees the species of animals that may be brought into the country. Potential changes to the list of bird species that can be imported into Australia will not impact the bird species currently kept or bred in Victoria.

Policy document

Page last updated: 02 Sep 2021