Permits for noxious weeds in Victoria

Close ups of invasive weeds such as the parthenium weed and the serrated tussock

It's illegal to bring into Victoria, sell, buy, plant, transport or conduct other activities with declared noxious weeds without permission. These activities are regulated by the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994 (CaLP Act).

You must get a permit from Agriculture Victoria if you want to do any of the following:

  • bring into Victoria, sell, buy or display for sale declared noxious weeds
  • plant, propagate or transport a declared noxious weed, seeds of noxious weeds or any part of a noxious weed that is capable of growing (even if it's packed or mixed with the parts of any other plants, including fodder or grain)
  • remove or sell soil, sand, gravel or stone that contains or is likely to contain any part of a noxious weed, or that comes from land on which noxious weeds grow
  • sell, hire, or offer for hire a substance or machinery that is used or intended to be used in primary production and that contains the seeds or any other part of a noxious weed that is capable of growing
  • sell an animal that is carrying seeds of a noxious weed
  • deposit on land a noxious weed or the seeds of a noxious weed that are apparently capable of germinating.

Apply for a permit

Agriculture Victoria recognises that in some instances these activities can be conducted in a manner that minimises the threat they pose. Under the CaLP Act, Agriculture Victoria can grant permits for these activities where appropriate.

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Page last updated: 03 Mar 2022