Invasive plants and animals consultations and reviews

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Current and forward agenda

Update: Draft Invasive Marine Pests Module

Victoria’s marine environment is highly valued and supports our way of life. Invasive marine pests can have varied and pervasive effects on Victoria’s marine biodiversity, and adversely impact the economic and social wellbeing of Victorian communities.

In collaboration with other agencies, Agriculture Victoria has developed an Invasive Marine Pests Module under the Victorian Government’s Invasive Plants and Animals Policy Framework (IPAPF). The module sets out the Victorian Government’s approach to the prevention, eradication and containment of marine pests and protection of assets from marine pests. The Invasive Marine Pests Module is the second of four modules to be developed under the IPAPF. A Weeds and Vertebrate Pests module has already been published (Module 1). Further modules for Invasive Freshwater Fish and Freshwater Invertebrates (Module 3) and Invasive Terrestrial Invertebrates (Module 4) are in development.

The public consultation took place from 11 November 2021 to 8 December 2021 on the Engage Victoria website. The contributions received have been reviewed, and the draft invasive marine pests module is being finalised. A summary of the feedback received, and the finalised module will be made publicly available in the first quarter of 2023.


Public consultations and reviews that have been conducted by the department.

Invasive Species Regulatory Improvement Study

August 2014 to January 2015

The study aimed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the regulation of invasive species in Victoria by formalising a risk based approach. The study team undertook targeted consultation with stakeholders who have had direct experience with the Victorian invasive species regulatory framework.

Non-Indigenous Bird Management Policy

Closed 16 May 2014

Working with stakeholders and bird groups to help determine the species list that the new policy applies to.

Aerial baiting for wild dogs (EPBC 2011/6183)

Closed 17 February 2014

The Victorian Government made a referral under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) to undertake aerial baiting for wild dog management in the Gippsland and north-east regions of Victoria.

The operation was deemed a controlled action under the EPBC Act under the controlling provisions of Listed Threatened Species and Communities (Sections 18 and 18A).

A variation to the original referral was presented to the Australian Government Department of Environment and documents were published pursuant to Section 95A of the EPBC Act for a public consultation period of 20 business days.

Non-Indigenous Bird Management Policy

15 May to 28 June 2013

To provide stakeholders with the opportunity to help develop and improve Victoria's approach to the management of non-indigenous birds.

Discussion paper

A discussion paper outlined and sought comments on a proposed new approach to the management of non-indigenous birds in Victoria.

Framework for new invasive species management legislation

13 August to 5 October 2012

To provide stakeholders with the opportunity to have their say about the proposed framework for new stand-alone invasive species management legislation for Victoria.

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