Farm Business Resilience Program

The Farm Business Resilience Program is supporting farmers to develop the knowledge and skills they need to improve their farm business and be better equipped to manage the impacts of drought and a changing climate.

The program supports farmers to improve skills and management practices in:

  • Business planning and risk management​
  • Farm finances and profitable decision making ​
  • Managing people on farm, farm safety and wellbeing ​
  • Climate adaptation and natural resource improvement including soil, water, crops and pastures ​

The program includes short courses, workshops, webinars, field days and farms walks to suit the varying needs of farmers and community groups.

The Farm Business Resilience Program covers topics including profitable decision-making, business and workforce planning, managing people on farm, feed budgeting and stock containment areas, climate adaption, biosecurity, market analysis, emergency preparedness and farm safety. ​

Farmers are supported to develop or update existing farm action plans to achieve their individual business goals.

The Farm Business Resilience Program is jointly funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and the Victorian Government’s Future Agriculture Skills Capacity Fund. ​

​Agriculture Victoria is delivering the Farm Business Resilience Program to farmers across all agriculture sectors.

Courses and workshops

The following courses are now available:

8 September: On-farm biosecurity planning workshop – Hamilton

Registrations closed

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM Agriculture Victoria, 915 Mount Napier Road, Hamilton VIC

Understand what a biosecurity plan is and why you need one. Walk away from this workshop with your farm biosecurity plan in hand.

Current and future courses and workshops

  • Lifting Lamb Survival short courses in Violet Town and Natte Yallock, July-August 2022
  • Online Whole Farm Planning course in Gippsland, July 2022
  • Young Farmer Business Bootcamp in Ballarat, October 2022
  • Farm Business Digital Marketing workshop in Natya, October 2022
  • Irrigation Whole Farm Planning in Victorian irrigation districts, 2022-2024

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Farm Fitness Checklist

The Farm Fitness Checklist helps farmers assess where their business is at currently, and to identify areas and opportunities to strengthen their farm business.

It covers subjects including people management, skills and training, business planning and financial performance, emergency management, infrastructure, water supply, natural resource management, risk management, succession planning, off-farm activities and more.


Farm Fitness Checklist (PDF - 762.9 KB)

Farm Fitness Checklist (WORD - 270.4 KB)

Drought Resilience Self-Assessment Tool

Farmers can also use the Drought Resilience Self-Assessment Tool (DR.SAT) to further assess their farm business resilience. The tool includes climate projections and farm business resilience resources to support farmers strengthen their farm business.

Climate Services for Agriculture

The Climate Services for Agriculture (CSA) tool helps farmers understand the historical, seasonal and future climate at their location to help them make informed decisions for their farm business. It provides farmers with historical data (1961-2021), seasonal forecasts (1-3 months) as well as future climate projections based on the 15 years before and after 2030, 2050 and 2070, for a given location.

Page last updated: 20 Sep 2022