Aquarium caulerpa

Scientific name

Caulerpa taxifolia

Image of Aquarium Caulerpa. The scientific name, Caulerpa taxifolia. This image was taken by J. Turnball.

Key features

Key features of Aquarium caulerpa include:

  • light green flattened fronds (fern-like)
  • pinnules (small leaves) curve upwards and attach directly opposite each other
  • up to 15cm long (more than 60cm in deep water).


The Aquarium caulerpa:

  • estuaries, coastal lagoons and bays
  • rock, sand, mud and seagrass.


The Aquarium caulerpa:

  • overgrows and outcompetes native species and degrades fish habitats
  • tangles and foul nets and anchors.

Known established populations

The Aquarium caulerpa is currently not present in Victoria.

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Page last updated: 06 Jul 2023