Carpet sea squirt

Scientific name

Didemnum vexillum

Image of Carpet Sea squirt. The scientific name, Didemnum vexillum. This image was taken by X. Tunon CEAB-CSIC.

Key features

Key features of Carpet sea squirt include:

  • range of colours – pinkish, tan or pale orange, greyish-white
  • grows in an encrusting manner or forms rope-like tendrils.


The Carpet sea squirt:

  • found on most hard surfaces including natural and artificial structures (marinas, moorings, etc.)
  • found in estuaries and marine waters from low tide mark to 80m.


The Carpet sea squirt:

  • overgrows and smothers native species
  • crowds out mussels and scallops
  • causes major fouling of wharf pylons, buoys, marinas, pontoons, water intake systems, aquaculture equipment, etc.

Known established populations

The Carpet sea squirt is currently not present in Victoria.

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Page last updated: 06 Jul 2023