Asian shore crab

Scientific name

Hemigrapsus sanguineus

Image of Asian shore crab. The scientific name, Hemigrapsus sanguineus.

Key features

Key features of Asian shore crab include:

  • banded pattern on walking legs
  • three spines on each side of eyes
  • spots on claws
  • square-shaped, green-purple to orange-brown shell
  • shell up to 4cm wide.


The Asian shore crab:

  • found on hard surfaces like under rocks, shells, debris or artificial structures (marinas, moorings, etc.)
  • found in exposed rocky coasts, estuaries, tidal flats and shallow waters.


The Asian shore crab:

  • out-competes native species
  • preys on crabs and shellfish, particularly mussels and oysters.

Known established populations

The Asian shore crab is currently present in Port Phillip Bay.

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Page last updated: 06 Jul 2023