Brown mussel

Scientific name

Perna perna

Image of Charru mussel. The scientific name, Mytella strigata. This image was taken by DAWE.

Key features

Key features of Brown mussel include:

  • dark brown
  • smooth shell with evenly spaced grooves
  • shell thin at edges and thickens towards narrow end
  • straight and long hinge line
  • around 9cm long but can be 5-17cm long
  • forms dense colonies.


The Brown mussel include:

  • shores and shallow waters
  • often attaches to hard surfaces like buoys, piers, rocks, marinas and port infrastructure but can form colonies on soft surfaces.


The Brown mussel include:

  • fast-growing, displaces native species
  • causes major fouling of wharf pylons, marinas, vessel water intakes, aquaculture etc.
  • can accumulate heavy metals and toxins causing shellfish poisoning if eaten.

Known established populations

The Brown mussel is currently not present in Victoria.

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Page last updated: 06 Jul 2023