Harris’ mud crab

Scientific name

Rhithropanopeus harrisii

Image of Harris’ mud crab. The scientific name, Rhithropanopeus harrisii. This image was taken by M. Frey CC by nc-sa.

Key features

Key features of Harris’ mud crab include:

  • greenish brown to olive green
  • white-tipped, uneven sized claws
  • hairy abdomen
  • four blunt spines either side of body
  • shell about 1-2cm wide.


The Harris’ mud crab:

  • found in shallow brackish, fresh or marine waters
  • found in sandy and muddy environments, under rocks and stones, in vegetation and oyster beds and in water intake pipes.


The Harris’ mud crab:

  • competes with native species
  • host of several crustacean diseases
  • fouls water intake pipes
  • damages commercial catch in fishing nets.

Known established populations

The Harris’ mud crab is currently not present in Victoria.

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Page last updated: 06 Jul 2023